Tuesday, February 7, 2012

how much does the europe Student Ambassador Program cost?

how much does the europe Student Ambassador Program cost?
i got the letter today, and the trip is for England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. so i was wondering how much it costs and please include other information that you know about it. thanks :)
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itll be anywhere from 4-6000 dollars. check out fundingyoureducation.org ptpmeeting.com and studentambassadors.org
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i went on a trip last year with people to people to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. it was the best time of my life! i met sooo many amazing kids and learned sooo much! it's not like school or anything, you pretty much go to a bunch of places and learn about the cultures. you may have a silly little quiz every now and then; but you can't fail. they also give you a high school credit once you have completed the program. also, you were sent that letter because you were either nominated by a teacher or a student in your school that has been on a trip with them the previous year. They don't send it out to everybody....even if you don't have the best grades. yes, it is expensive. most trips range from $4,500-$8,000 (most around the $6,500 area). although, you can pay by month (about $900 per month) or choose any other type of billing plan that you want. people to people also offers fundraising programs. i know a girl that was in my group who raised every single cent for her trip! also, EVERYTHING is included in the price. hotels, 3 meals a day, attractions, transportation, airline tickets, etc are all included. The only thing that you will need to bring money for are souvenirs. Misc. Info: -most trips last about 20 days (i think most trips to asia are about 14). -you go with a "delegation" which is made up of about 40 kids from your area as well as 4 "leaders" who are teachers from your area. -if you are in high school, you have a homestay...where you live with a family in the country that you are visiting for 2 or 3 days. -you have to go through a process in order to be accepted (3 letters of recommendation by teachers/adults and an interview) although, they accept pretty much everyone -you have monthly meetings with your delegation before you leave to get to meet the kids and leaders -IT WILL BE THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFEEEE! the letter you received is probably talking about a local information meeting. it probably says that you have to reserve a spot at the meeting. go on the website that they give you and reserve one! once you go to your information meeting you will learn pretty much everything about the program and meet your leaders. then you get all the application process info. don't worry about the application process because they accept pretty much everyone :] The only CONS that I can think about is the first day of your trip, you are awake for over 24 hours because you have a midnight flight and have to do stuff the entire day that ur flight arrives. Also, some kids didn't have the best homestay families and thought it was hard to communicate with them. Another con that i can think about is that you may not have the nicest leaders...on my trip i liked 3 of them but hated 1 guy. honestly, think about girl scouts when thinking about people to people. most people think its all about your trip....but really, the program starts wayyyy bfore the trip. for example, you will have monthly meetings to study/meet the people in your delegation and even have social events such as bowling! most of the kids that go on a people to people trip are really nice, smart (not genius smart...but usually honor students) and mature. you will meet such good friends!! Overall, you would NOT be wasting your time. You get a high school cedit, go to different countries, and make SOOO many amazing friendships! It really changed the way i saw the world and made me more independent.

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